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Founded in 1984, RCS Training is a subsidiary of the Florida Restaurant and Lodging Association (FRLA), and is Florida’s leader in providing risk management and regulatory compliance training programs to the state’s hospitality industry. Utilizing the SafeStaff®educational training materials and harnessing the resources of FRLA industry experts and former regulators, RCS Training is the largest and most respected firm of its kind in Florida.

RCS Training also offers professional development training, which is a unique, proven approach to staff education that improves performance and increases efficiency and effectiveness. Customized to fit any industry, RCS High Performance Training is conducted from a “manage up” perspective. RCS Training guides trainees through a process to set attainable goals, identify steps to reach those goals, recognize behaviors that hinder progress, and overcome fears that cause failure. High Performance Training is available throughout the United States and Canada.

For more information about RCS Training and our training courses please call us at 800-537-9863.
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Courses Offered

Alcohol Compliance and Responsible Vendor Training

1) educating servers and sellers on the proper and legal manner of serving alcohol and

2) protecting your investment in your alcohol license.

The potential for an alcoholic beverage violation or alcohol related lawsuit is tremendous, and failing to have a comprehensive and ongoing alcohol service training program for managers and employees increases the risk that a violation will occur. It also can show a lack of due diligence when defending a beverage alcohol violation or lawsuit.The responsible service of alcohol enhances the guest’s experience which reflects positively on the business. In addition, Florida’s Responsible Vendor Act (F.S. 561.701-706) provides significant legal benefits for those alcohol licensees who comply with its requirements. RCS Training provides comprehensive and personalized service, including the implementation and maintenance of its Responsible Vendor Training Program specifically created to meet each of the requirements of the Florida Responsible Vendor Act. This program is administered at your business location and at times convenient to you, the business operator.

Food Safety Training

ServSafe Food Manager Certification: The ServSafe® Certified Food Protection Manager Exam not only meets Florida’s Food Manager certification requirements but is the national market leader and the gold standard of CFPMs. Register today to test and receive your five year certification at one of our 31 monthly locations throughout Florida. Our flexible certification sessions include your choice of preparation materials, a four hour review class, and the exam. Review classes begin at 9:00 a.m. followed by the two hour timed ServSafe® examination at 2:00 p.m. Click here for more information and to register for a class and exam.

SafeStaff Employee Foodhandler Training: All Florida DBPR licensed food establishments are required by Florida law to ensure their employees have completed basic food safety. This course is the one and only DBPR-contracted employee food safety training. This required food employee training program provides everything you need, including instructions, food safety best practices, quizzes and assessments, employee certificate and wallet card, employee health reporting agreement, and proof of training to provide health inspectors. Additionally, your employees will be recorded in the DBPR online foodhandler database. Click here for more information, to purchase foodhandler training products, and to ensure state compliance.

On Premise Training: Want one of our professionals to provide SafeStaff® Employee Food handler Training Program for you? We can help! One of our team can come to your establishment and conduct a live Employee Foodhandler Training just for you and your employees. To get a quote, simply call us at 800-537-9863.

Anti-Harassment Training

Sexual harassment and workplace discrimination lawsuits are on the rise. Just one of these costly lawsuits can put you out of business. That is why it is so important that you, your managers, and your employees know how to deal with these issues. The RCS Training Anti-Harassment Training addresses common types of sexual harassment and/or discrimination and precautionary measures businesses should take in order to prevent a sexual harassment and/or discrimination lawsuit in the workplace.

High Performance Training

Technology advancements, information overload, and lack of training result in staff who are overloaded, overwhelmed, unprepared, and under-skilled. These deficiencies lead to wasted time and resources and can contribute to complacency. We empower staff with expertise to improve performance and increase efficiency and effectiveness, so your staff and business excel to the next level. We offer a unique, proven approach to staff education and training. We conduct professional development workshops from a “manage up” perspective. Rather than telling participants what they should do, we guide them through a process to set attainable goals, identify steps to reach those goals, recognize behaviors that hinder progress, and overcome fears that cause failure.

Allergen Certification

AllerTrain is the nation’s #1 food allergy training offered today. Our certified trainers are available to teach the following versions of AllerTrain at your location.

Alcoholic Beverage Licensing

Getting your new business ready to open is daunting. The countless details demanding attention are overwhelming to even the seasoned operator. The cumbersome and time-consuming process of securing beverage and/or restaurant licenses can rob time and energy better applied to getting your business operational.

With key licensing experts from relevant state agencies now on our team – including four former division directors – we are uniquely positioned to expedite your licensing. We’ll monitor the progress of your application and head off red tape surprises that cause delays and cost money.

While we prepare the necessary forms, secure multiple regulatory approvals, and ultimately submit your application, you can focus on getting open. This saves time, jump starts your cash flow, and gets approvals often days or weeks ahead of schedule.

We are committed to getting your business open as soon as possible, and FRLA members and RCS Training clients may even receive substantial discounts for licensing services. To put us to work for you, contact RCS today at 800-537-9863.


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